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IBSA Pharma Inc. Headquarter

IBSA Group, the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, has established a commercial presence in the United States as IBSA Pharma Inc. to directly distribute Tirosint® and Tirosint-SOL®, an FDA-approved treatment for hypothyroidism.

IBSA has been present in the U.S. market with multiple products through third-party licensing agreements for several years. The decision to directly commercialize Tirosint® in the United States allows the company to maximize the commercial value of the Tirosint® franchise as well as introduce other IBSA products, some currently awaiting FDA approval.

Tirosint® is the first and only levothyroxine gel cap formulation available on the U.S. market. Levothyroxine is a hormone that is normally produced by the thyroid gland. Tirosint® is used to treat adults and children 6 years of age and older who suffer from hypothyroidism or inadequate levels of thyroid hormone. 

Tirosint-SOL® is a unique levothyroxine formulation that contains only 3 ingredients—levothyroxine, glycerol, and water. Unlike other levothyroxine medications used to treat hypothyroidism that come in tablet form, Tirosint-SOL® is a pleasant-tasting liquid. Tirosint-SOL® is taken orally and contains no alcohol. It is FDA-approved for patients of any age.